My 3 Favorite Things about New Oberpfalz

I’m making more of an effort lately to try different breweries.  Everyone has their go-to’s, and I am no different.  It’s easier after work to fall into a routine rather than trying something new.  New Oberpfalz might not be on your regular brew lineup-but it should be.  Here are some things that I loved when I went there.  Let me know what you think when you visit there next-it’s funny how different people’s experiences can be.

First and foremost, the atmosphere.  When I walked into the brewery in Griffith, Indiana, I felt like I was walking into a cozy hideaway.  Some breweries give you the feeling you’re in a garage lab, this does not.  It feels more like a comfy hangout spot which I thought was a perfect alternative to the chilly day I was escaping.

Second, I was really impressed with their draft list.  It has stepped aside from the expected and constructed a beer lineup that is tasteful and unique.  I loved sampling the Doppelbock, Schwarzbier, and even Maibock.  They’re not ones you see every day.  My personal favorite was the Russian Imperial Stout, but let me know which is yours because this is one brewery to find beers you won’t find elsewhere!

Third, and I saved the best for last, you have to try their food because it’s amazing.  You could make a meal out of the shareables (some of which contains hints of their beers) but I recommend you keep going and get a sandwich or burger too-they’re am-a-zing! Trust me, you won’t regret it.  Our team’s choice of the day: the Oberpfalzer Burger!

Posted in Indiana Beer Fans on Feb 23, 2020