Driving through Indy? Check out the best new beer in Brookston.

Serving the Brookston, Monticello and the greater Lafayette area comes Crasian Brewing Company with some of the tastiest unfiltered ales, seasonals and one-offs. Crasian is not trying to reinvent the wheel; they just want to make good solid beers for people of all walks to enjoy. With the majority of their malts and hops being sourced from Indiana suppliers, Crasian will have a beer that will please your palette.

What beer should you try first when you get there?  Our team sampled their brews and gave the thumbs up to Knockout White Stout!  I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t drink dark beers.”  This isn’t your average stout.  No, quite to the contrary, it’s a new take on a classic theme with coffee and cacao appearances that give the beer a sweet taste.  Perfect for any winter night!

Want to get a beer on us?  Check into Crasian’s profile on the Draft Pass app and one lucky winner will be awarded a giveaway gift card.  It is sponsored by the Brewers of Indiana Guild.  They put on some great festivals showcasing some of your favorite Indiana beers.  Check them out right here: https://drinkin.beer/

Posted in Indiana Beer Fans on Feb 10, 2020