Check Out Crasian Brewing Co.’s Pineuptual IPA

It’s common knowledge that every beer has its own story, but how many of those stories include a beautiful beach wedding on the sunny West Coast? We know of one for sure, and that is Craisan Brewing Co.’s delicious Pineuptual IPA. This 5.5 percent and 66 IBU beer from Brookston, Indiana’s, very own Crasian Brewing is crafted with real pineapple and infused with hops that have zesty, citrus, and piney flavor characteristics to give this beer a refreshing kick. The beer was created by Crasian founders Tom and Michele Bulington to celebrate their kid’s wedding on the sandy beaches of California. So every time you throw back a glass of Pineuptual IPA, you are toasting Josh and Shannon! Make sure to favorite this deliciously fresh IPA on the DraftPass app and use the app to discover Crasian’s other locally sourced craft brews!

Posted in Beer Review on Jul 09, 2019