Posted in News on Oct 15, 2018

    Aunt Sally is an offering only several-years-old from Lagunitas. The beer is a tart, bright 'fruit-essence' beer. Named for the homely aunt of Huckleberry Finn, the beer is tart from a process called kettle-souring. It is a natural way to add in just a touch of the flavor that sour beer drinkers crave.

    Beer is brewed by soaking cracked grains in a large kettle of hot water until the starches in the grains slowly convert to sugar. Then the sugary water is siphoned off and boiled as hops and other additions are mixed in. Then the sweet liquid result is sent to the fermenters and converted to al...

  • Urban Artifact Has Some Real Wild Yeast

    Posted in News on Oct 10, 2018

    Cincinnati Brewery is brewing beer from 150 year old yeast strain. The strain was found preserved in a Cincinnati cellar built before electricity and refrigeration. History has never tasted so good.

  • Bee 23 Beer Review

    Posted in News on Oct 10, 2018

    Bee-lieve in Bee 23!

    Bee 23 from Short Fuse is a big beer. It is a double IPA with all the bitterness one would expect from the style but combined with honey during the brewing process which significantly mellows the aroma and flavor. The beer is eight percent alcohol, and it feels and smells that way.

    The brewery touts a triple dry-hopped production process. That means that after the beer is fermented, a brewer climbs a large ladder and drops more hops into the top of the tank. The process is done for aroma only and doesn't add to the bitterness. Short Fuse lets us know that this has been d...

  • Weekly Taproom Review

    Posted in News on Oct 09, 2018

    Today, we review Maplewood Brewery and Distillery.

    In the process of covering other breweries, it has been shown that some of the taprooms take a bit of work to find. Maplewood Brewery and Distillery is indeed one of those clandestine joints. In fact, it is geographically situated near some of the most busily traveled arteries in the city. It's located down the end of a dead-end street that butts up against the Kennedy Expressway. Guess the street name? Yup, it's Maplewood. However, there is a billboard on the other side of the building that is noticeable from the expressway with the bre...

  • Sushi Lovers Have Something Else To Be Excited About

    Posted in News on Oct 05, 2018

    Japan provides Americans with so much awesomeness including sushi, technology and automobiles. Japan is now looking to hop across the pond and spread some craft beer love. 22 Craft Beer Brewers from Japan have started a marketing campaign to showcase the “authenticity, richness and unique flavour profile” of Japanese Craft Beer.

  • Booze Cruise Takes on a Whole New Meaning

    Posted in News on Oct 05, 2018

    Carnival Cruise Line has certain ships with their own breweries. Colin Presby, Carnival Brewmaster, does his best to keep passengers hopping onboard for good craft beer.

  • Have a Short Fuse here!

    Posted in News on Oct 02, 2018

    Today, we review Short Fuse Brewing Company.

    Short Fuse Brewing Company in Schiller Park, IL, directly under the landing runways of O'Hare Airport. Every 30 seconds or so, a loud plane will approach from several hundred feet in the air with its landing gear open. We heard from one of the 'beertenders,' Mitch that frequently first-time visitors look for the closest brewery as soon as they land in Chicago. Short Fuse does not disappoint.

    The taproom is a spacious brewpub with big open windows and murals. The food and the beer are both excellent. Often food is a secondary thought at breweries, b...

  • Bacon and Beer Festival Discount

    Posted in News on Oct 01, 2018


    The 4th annual Bacon and Beer Classic is taking over Soldier Field for one massive festival devoted to the best things in life: bacon and beer. Enjoy all inclusive craft beers from the best local breweries while chowing down on unlimited original bacon-inspired dishes from your favorite local restaurants.

    • 100+ All-Inclusive Craft Beers
    • 30+ Unlimited Bacon Dishes
    • Music, games, and more (it will be Oktoberfest, after all)

    That's not all! Draft Pass members get 20% off tickets when they use the promo code "DRAFTPASS18". You can buy tickets here.

    Want to bring a friend? D...

  • BrewDog Cares About "People and Beer - Not Hate"

    Posted in News on Oct 01, 2018

    Brewdog cancels a series of events with (US Based) Scofflaw Brewing following a statement by Scofflaw, promising free beer to Trump supporters. Brewdog's stance on the Trump administration was made clear when releasing their Make Earth Great Again beer. Brewdog preaches hops, not hate by offering free beer to UK customers who tell staff they support love, not hate.

  • It's Tea Time in the Craft Beer World

    Posted in News on Sep 30, 2018

    Coffee set the tone and now Breweries are starting to experiement with Tea. Chicago's Marz Brewering is one such group and their Tropical Jungle Boogie gives an island feel thanks to the use of herbal tea leaves. It is time to take tea parties to the next level.