• Short Fuse Brewing's Milkshakes Bring All The Beer Lovers To The Bar

    Posted in News on Nov 30, 2018

    Short Fuse Brewing Co has four new beers that will satisfy the beer drinker with a sweet tooth. The new beers hitting the shelf today are:

    For Goodness Shakes EXTRA Strawberry Milkshake IPA. We double the strawberry and lactose to really bring out the milkshake feel. Then dry hopped with Vic secret.
    For Goodness Shakes EXTRA Vanilla. Double the lactose. Double the fun! Dry hopped with Vic secret.
    For Goodness Shake Passion Fruit and Watermelon. Loaded up with tons of fruit and dry hopped with Vic
    German Chocolate Cake Stout. Chocolate, vanilla,coconut, and coffee delight!

  • Brewdog's Believes Man's Best Friend Deserves a Drink Too

    Posted in News on Nov 30, 2018

    Brewdog has made headlines again. This time they demonstrated a stout stance on their love for dogs by giving them their own beer, Subwoofer IPA. Don't worry, this IPA is alcohol-free, hop-free and is not carbonated. The brew does contain canine-friendly B vitamins and probiotics beneficial for dogs. It’s also packed with “citrus overtones and a familiar malt backbone”, similar to its brews made for humans. SODAS UP FOR GOOD BOYS!!!

  • Check Out Half Acre's New Balmoral Spot!

    Posted in News on Nov 27, 2018

    Ever had Daisy Cutter IPA? Just kidding, of course, you have. It is the main flagship of Half Acre Brewing Company in Chicago but is found around the United States in its iconic silver package. This is a seriously good, go-to-everyday beer.  Half Acre is kind of an elder statesman to the young Turks of the current brewing scene. Founded in 2009, they have risen to prominence by selecting a major distributor to move their product.

    Many, many years later, they have long outgrown their original brewery and have created a robust new operations plant in a quiet section of the north side of Chicago...

  • Get Excited For Dark Charge Day at Braxton Brewing

    Posted in News on Nov 26, 2018

    December 1st is the day Braxton Brewing Co. will once again release its limited edition Dark Charge on the 4th annual Dark Charge Day. Dark Charge is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. 6 totsl varriant will be released. We know five of the releases are Dark Charge Mandarin, Dark Charge Molé, Dark Charge Pineapple and Poblano, Dark Charge Coffee & Vanilla, Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged, but what is the sixth?

  • Tariffs Begin Hitting Americans Where It Hurts

    Posted in News on Nov 26, 2018

    Dan Katt of Good City Brewing in Milwaukee has obvious concerns that tariffs will negatively effect the craft beer industry. Trump thought he pissed people off before, now he's messing with our beer.  Beer cans are made from aluminum and much of that comes from China. Aluminum from China is now subject to 10 percent tariff. The price of cans will likely go up in the future. Shotgun the beers while you CAN!!!

  • An Enigma of a Beer Review!

    Posted in News on Nov 26, 2018

    Today, Draft Pass is going to take on a giant of a beer: Enigma Double IPA from Tapistry Brewing Company. The beer is found in 16-ounce pub cans in stores and displays some spooky yellow eyes standing out from a mostly dark background on the can design. Ok, now that you have found this beer, let us tell you why you should care.

    Enigma clocks in at 9% alcohol by volume.  This puts it in the realm where if you drink 2-4 cans per session, it will surely make you realize how much you love your friend (No, I DO love you man!) or simply get you kicked out of the bar you are imbibing in at the time. A...

  • Sierra Nevada Sends a Call for Help to Brewers Nationwide Following The Camp Fire

    Posted in News on Nov 19, 2018

    Sierra Nevada’s brewery in Chico, California was not damaged by fires that killed at least 75 people across the state, but did cause great damage to sarrounding areas where brewery workers live. Sierra Nevada has since created a beer called Resilience IPA, which 100% of the procedes going to support those impacted by the Camp Fire. Founder Ken Grossman is extending relief efforts with an invitation for other breweries to HOP on the Relief Wagon support their cause with their own version of Resilience IPA. Beer drinkers, lets do our part by choosing craft beer options that support those affecte...


    Posted in News on Nov 15, 2018



    Draft Pass would like to be the first to point out a brand-new beer on the market, Major Hemp H-IPA. (Before we begin, that style is pronounced 'High PA,' but the company was only able to get the H-IPA wording onto the label as a regulatory compromise).  Sipp Industries is a publically-traded company based in Colorado and has long been making a Major Hemp Brown Ale in that state. The origins of even making the beer were as a side-passion of several of the founders. All this means very little to a drinker who will enjoy the taste of this beer.


  • Blue Moon Creator is Taking the "High" Road with THC-Infused Craft Beer

    Posted in News on Nov 13, 2018

    Legendary brewmaster and Blue Moon Creator, Keith Villa, who retired from MillerCoors early 2018, decided to Hop on the Green Wagon sweeping the nation with his new venture, Ceria Inc. Ceria Inc. is a cannabis company most known for creating the iconic Blue Moon Belgian-style wheat ale. Catch Grainwave, Villa’s first THC-infused non-alcoholic craft beer, a Belgian-style white ale, will be featured in Colorado dispensaries as early as mid-December. Sodas Up For Progess. CHEERS!



  • Brewery Ommegang Keeps Game of Thrones Fans Hopping For Joy With Latest Themed Beer

    Posted in News on Nov 13, 2018

    There is no set date on the series finale of Game of Thrones, but Brewery Ommegang is keeping fans excited with the release of their most recent series-themed craft beer, King in the North. The newest addition is a barrel-aged Imperial Stout that will be released on Black Friday. All Hail The King.