• Rec. League Brings New Meaning to Beer League

    Posted in News on Feb 19, 2019

    Beer-loving athletes of the world, rejoice. Harpoon Brewery recently launched [Rec. League](https://www.brewbound.com/news/harpoon-brewery-releases-rec-league-pale-ale) pale ale. The new release appears to be bridging the gap between sports drink and beer. Both drinks are popular in nearly all sporting events. Rec. league is a hopy, pale ale that is full of fiber, B vitamins, Omega 3s, antioxidants and even electrolytes. Sodas up for drunk athletes

  • Drink One For Loss Of Portands Oldest Brewery

    Posted in News on Feb 13, 2019

    A place that has brought hoppiness to many over its 35 year lifespan, The BridgePort Brewery, announced they are closing shop. The news was a suprise to many with little indication beforehand that something was wrong. A brewery existing for 35 years is impressive to say the least. Sodas Up for the decades of good beer and making one hell of a run!!!

  • Nappy Roots Collaboration Brings Us Kentucky Mud

    Posted in News on Feb 13, 2019

    The award winning Hip Hop group, Nappy Roots HOPPED off the stage to partner with Arches Brewing to bring us an exciting new brew. Taking it back to their Bluegrass State Roots, the new craft beer is a nitro chocolate milk stout called Kentucky Mud. The rich chocolate and nutty combo should get us all excited to play in the Mud.

  • California's Three Weavers Brewing Company Go the Distance for New Collaboration

    Posted in News on Feb 04, 2019

    Three Weavers is teaming up with Japan's COEDO Brewery to bring us "Something bright and tropical" with the release of their Komorebi IPA. Komorebi in Japan meaning, “the feeling you get when you see light filtering through leaves,”. Make sure to check out this Japanese take on west coast IPA at Three Weavers Brewing Company on February 27, 2019.

  • Aprons Cooking School Gets Craft Beer "Rock Star" for Pairing

    Posted in News on Feb 04, 2019

    The Harvard graduate and founder of Sam Adams, the one and only Jim Koch, was a guest host at a pairing event at Aprons Cooking School in Lakeland, FL. He spoke about the history of beer, nutritional benefits and even how America's Government is setup to support big beer or small breweries. What better way to learn about our favorite kind of history than to drink craft beer and eat gourmet food while the Master himself drops some knowledge. ALL BEER MATTERS!!!!

  • Breweries Take Hits Even After Shutdown Ends

    Posted in News on Feb 04, 2019

    Postponing beer releases is one thing, but slow moving regulations are causing brewers to lose revenue by preventing their distribution to entire states. These are beers that people want and purchases that provide tax money to our government. At the end of the day, release setbacks and red tape could be fatal for small breweries. LETS JUST HAVE A DRINK AND SETTLE THIS SHIT!!!

  • New Riff Distilling Spreads the Love

    Posted in News on Jan 26, 2019

    New Riff Distilling of Northern Kentucky puts a modern take on old school bourbon. The recently opened distillery donated empty barrels that previously housed delcious bourbons to 34 brewers across the state to make many different barrel-aged brews. This was part of Kentucky Guild of Brewers’ Kentucky Craft Bash. This brings southern hospitality to a new level.

  • Ballast Point Opens Disney Brewery

    Posted in News on Jan 26, 2019

    In January, Ballast Point opened Downtown Disney District's first ever brewery. Described as a family spot for adults in Anaheim offering 50 styles of the popular craft beer brand. Cheers to family fun and drinking. Everybody wins!!!

  • Hopwell Brewing Bring First 8oz Craft Can To Chicago

    Posted in News on Jan 15, 2019

    Hopwell Brewing had a cute little surprise for the New Year. They released the first 8oz craft beer can to Chicagoland on Tuesday. lil buddy is a cute little beer with a respectable 4.7 percent alcohol. The small beer is anything but intimidating and only comes in 4-packs. Everyone needs a lil buddy!!!

  • Lagunitas Has an IPA Under 100 Calories

    Posted in News on Jan 15, 2019

    Even Craft Beer Lovers have to occasionally consider what overindulging in the golden goodness can do to your waisteline. Many brewers are attempting to create healthier options for those that love beer, but also enjoy focusing on their health. Lagunitas appears to be in the lead with their Daytime IPA. Described as a fractional IPA, Daytime IPA has as much flavor as it's standard IPA counterpart and only has 98 calories. What kind of witch-CRAFT are the guys at Lagunitas? Cheers to being drunk and healthy!!!