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    Posted on Aug 01, 2019

  • North Center’s historical Gannon’s Pub hosts Monday night trivia

    Posted in Event on Jul 25, 2019

    Gannon’s Pub, which traces its Chicago roots all the way back to the time of Prohibition and Al Capone, is calling all trivia buffs to test their skills at this North Center landmark. Gannon’s, which is located at 4264 N. Lincoln Ave., in Chicago, offers refreshing drinks, a delicious menu and even better company. The bar features specials 7 days a week and has many of your favorite beers on tap. While Gannon’s is a gem all year round, this neighborhood pub really shines in the summer when patrons can enjoy its cozy outdoor beer garden. Fans of the University of Michigan will find kindred spir...

  • Detroit’s oldest operating brewery, Motor City Brewing Works, continues the city’s proud tradition

    Posted in News on Jul 15, 2019

    Detroit and the U.S. auto industry have been synonymous with each other for more than a century, and Motor City Brewing Works, Detroit’s oldest operating brewery, fits in perfectly with this storied tradition. The brewery was founded in 1994 and continues to brew hand-crafted beers in Detroit with its custom 20 BBL fabricated brewery system made from salvaged equipment and scraps from the city’s industrial past. This one-of-a-kind equipment produces the brewery’s flagship Bohemian Lager, Motor City Pale Ale, GhettoBlaster English style mild ale, Nut Brown Ale, and Honey Porter. Motor City, loc...

  • Brando’s Speakeasy offers up free trivia, awesome drink specials

    Posted in News on Jul 11, 2019

    You know Brando’s Speakeasy as a top karaoke bar in Chicago, but did you know the bar also hosts free pub trivia on Tuesday nights? The Windy City’s very own Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia company puts on a contest each week at Brando’s at 343 South Dearborn Street in Chicago. Brando’s is the perfect spot to meet your coworkers and friends to test your trivia knowledge and sing your favorite songs in the bar. And if you need some liquid courage before going on stage or a beer to jar your memory for trivia, Brando’s offers $5 Jim Beam shots, $4 Lagunitas, $4 Captain Mixers, and $6 craft cocktail...

  • Check Out Crasian Brewing Co.’s Pineuptual IPA

    Posted in Beer Review on Jul 09, 2019

    It’s common knowledge that every beer has its own story, but how many of those stories include a beautiful beach wedding on the sunny West Coast? We know of one for sure, and that is Craisan Brewing Co.’s delicious Pineuptual IPA. This 5.5 percent and 66 IBU beer from Brookston, Indiana’s, very own Crasian Brewing is crafted with real pineapple and infused with hops that have zesty, citrus, and piney flavor characteristics to give this beer a refreshing kick. The beer was created by Crasian founders Tom and Michele Bulington to celebrate their kid’s wedding on the sandy beaches of California. ...

  • God of Thunder's Favorite Craft Beer

    Posted in News on May 06, 2019

    As all should have noticed, Thor was rocking a solid keg compared to the normal 6-pack he is famously known for in the recent Avengers: Endgame movie. The bloated God of Thunder's beers of choice were none other than the Athena and a Tropicália beers produced by Atlanta brewery Creature Comforts. The film crew enjoyed the beer so much they decided to feature it in the movie. Sodas Up For Badass Superheroes and Badass Beer!!!!

  • Pennsylvania #1 Craft Beer Producer in US

    Posted in News on May 06, 2019

    There are a few constant, never-ending debates on craft beer in the US. What state has the best breweries? What state has the best beer? However, there is one craft beer fact that can't be debated and that is who makes the most beer. For the third straight year Pennsylvania has produced more craft beer than any other state in the US. 354 craft breweries produced more than 3.7 million barrels of beer in 2018. Pennsylvania was also ranked second for the state with the most brewery openings in 2018. Love or hate their sports teams, you have to respect their craft beer. 

  • Sierra Nevada Pops A Top for Mother Nature

    Posted in News on Apr 23, 2019

    Teaming up with American Hiking Society, Sierra Nevada has launched Pale Ale for Trails to repair and protect the rivers and trails of America. Pale Ale for Trails will fund conservation based organizations, national cleanups and trail restoration projects. On National Trails Day, the brewery along with the American Hiking Society will bring in thousands of volunteers to perform trail restoration projects, which will be followed by parties at the breweries in North Carolina and California. Sodas Up for Mother Nature!!!

  • More Breweries are Using Their Power for Good

    Posted in News on Apr 12, 2019

    When epic floods occurred around the Iowa and Nebraska boarders breweries on both sides decided to provide more than just a nice refreshing glass of golden goodness.  West Des Moines' Barn Town Brewing and Omaha's Kros Strain Brewing started a special collaboration recipe this week from which proceeds will benefit flood relief efforts in both states. "Neighbors Being Neighbors" is an IPA utilizing hops from both sides of the river. First the Amazing Campfire Relief and now this. Beer lovers all over America should proudly hold their SODAS UP in supports of the breweries who set the bar high.

  • Little Cincinnati Brewery Packs a Big Punch

    Posted in News on Apr 12, 2019

    Everyone knows that Cincinnati plays in the Big Leagues when it comes to the beer game. We all know Rhinegiest and MadTree, but Brink Brewing was voted #4 Best New Brewery in America by USA Today. The polls included breweries that have opened in the past three years and relied on popular vote from fans to select the best. In such a short existence, Brink has also landed other awards including 2018 Very Small Brewery of the Year. When you plan your next Beercation, don't forget to stop in Brink Brewing and try their Moozie Milk Stout or Hold The Reins English Mild.